Sportpesa Jackpot and Daily Sport Bets: Is there any Difference?

02 Jun

Sportpesa jackpot is becoming the talk of most people in Kenya. Walk to any group of people socializing on a Monday morning and the topic of discussion will who won the Sportpesa jackpot. Listening in to most of these groups you will realize that they are also chatting about daily bets and how to win them. So what is the difference between the jackpot bet and daily bets? Before I talk of the difference it is important to know that there are several sport betting platforms in Kenya today. In addition to Sportpesa sport betting platform, there are others such as betyetu, mcheza and betin just to name a few. Therefore most of these sport betting platforms are similar in how they operate.

Why is Sportpesa Jackpot is Popular?

As I mentioned there are other sport betting platforms in Kenya besides Sportpesa. Additionally they all offer jackpot and daily bets but Sportpesa jackpot bet remains the preferred choice for most sport fans. The main reason for this popularity is that Sportpesa was the pioneer among the sport betting platforms in Kenya. That means most people got used to it before the other football betting platforms came into being.

Sportpesa Jackpot Bet

Sportpesa Jackpot Bet

Now let us talk about the difference between a jackpot and daily bets. As you may have guessed daily bets are offered daily. You can place a daily bet for one team or multiple teams and bet whatever amount of money you want based on your choice. The outcome of a daily bet is known at the end of the match or game one is betting on. Sportpesa jackpot or any other jackpot for that matter in sport betting is offered once a week. Most jackpots offer an opportunity to bet on thirteen teams for a flat amount. In order to improve the chances of winning a jackpot you need to place as many bets as you wish.  Unlike the daily bet, jackpot bet outcome is known at the end of the last match of the thirteen jackpot matches of the week.

Sportpesa Jackpot or Daily Bets:  Which one is Profitable?

So when it comes to sport betting, it is important to plan wisely for both daily and jackpot bets. There is really no comparison between daily and jackpot in terms of profitability. Each of the two types of bets is profitable in its own way. The main advantage of daily bets over jackpot bets is that there are several offers and you can only bet on one team of your choice. It is easier to pick a team that has higher chances of winning and bet higher than several teams with less chances of winning. But if you really want to win big you can try a jackpot bet such as Sportpesa jackpot bet.

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