Sportpesa Betting – How to Place a Bet Using Sportpesa Website

06 Jun

Sportpesa Betting system is currently the leading football prediction and betting site in Kenya. Most betters prefer this system because of the user friendliness it offers. Anyone regardless of their level of experience in sport betting can comfortably use the system with little or no orientation. One does not need to have much computer or IT knowledge to bet using Sportpesa betting system.  Despite the simplicity of the betting system, some amateur or potential football betters are still afraid to use the system. This article will explain step by step how to use Sportpesa website to place a bet.

Step 1: Visit Sportpesa Betting Website to register

Sportpesa Betting Online

Sportpesa Betting Online

In order to place a bet using Sportpesa website one must have an account with Sportpesa. This can be done by registering at the site using your phone number. You can search for Sportpesa website on Google if you are not sure of the website address. Once on the website look for the registration link to begin registration. Registration is free and as soon as you have submitted and confirmed your registration you will receive a message to your phone. The message contains your account information.

Step 2: Load Money to Your Sportpesa Account

After registration you can now login to your account using the login information you were given at registration. Once you login, you can load money to your account using one of the Paybill numbers given depending on the phone number that you used. in other words if you registered with Safaricom number you should use Mpesa Paybill number, if you used Airtel you should use Airtel Paybill number or Orange Paybill if your phone number belongs to Orange. The minimum amount that will enable you to bet is 100 Kenyan Shillings. But you can bet as much as you want by loading more money to your account.

Step 3: Choose the Sportpesa Football Game or Match that you want to Bet on

The final step after loading money to your account is to place a bet. This will be based on your soccer or football prediction analysis that you have done. There are two types of bets that you can place and each is independent of each other. You can choose daily or weekly football bets. Daily bets can be on a single match or several matches of the same day. Weekly bet is also known as Sportpesa Jackpot bet. Jackpot bet is done once a week and is based on thirteen jackpot football matches of that week. You can also combine both daily and Jackpot bets depending on your financial ability. The main advantage of daily bets is the quick outcome. You will be able to know whether your prediction was successful or not. Only successful bets are paid instantly and a message will be send to your phone as soon as the last whistle goes off.

Step 4: Wait Patiently for the Outcome of Your Sportpesa Bet

Once you have successfully placed your daily or weekly bets you can just wait for the outcome of your predictions. As mentioned above, the outcome for the daily bets will be known as soon as the match is over. The outcome of the Jackpot football predictions is known as soon as the last match of the thirteen jackpot matches has ended. You can also find out more on Sportpesa betting tips else where on this site.

Now that you know how to use Sportpesa website to bet, nothing will prevent you from focusing on your Sport betting. It is also important to mention that there are several other sport betting systems in Kenya. We used Sportpesa betting system as an example because it has become popular Sport betting system.

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