Football Prediction Tips: How to Win the Single Bets

14 Jun

Soccer or Football prediction is a fun game to play especially if you are football fan. However if you are trying predict the outcome of a match by betting on it, then you should be careful. I say so because betting involves money and it is easy to lose a lot of money if you do not plan wisely. There are different types of football predictions ranging from single bets to jackpot bets. Single and multi-bets are played on a daily basis while jackpot bets are usually weekly. Though there are several football betting companies or sites in Kenya today, only a few of them offer jackpot betting opportunity. Most sport betting companies in Kenya only focus on daily bets. Sportpesa, Betin, Betyetu, Elitebet Kenya and Betway are examples of companies that offer both daily and jackpot bets. This article discusses 4 football prediction tips that can help you win on a single bet.

Four Football Prediction Tips for Winning Singles bets

1. Explore the Available Matches Offered by Different Football Prediction sites

Different football betting companies offer different daily matches that you can bet on. Before making your daily football prediction it is advisable to explore what the major betting companies offer. This initial step will help you get a long list of matches to choose from. The more the matches on your list the easier it is to find a profitable bet. Remember you will only choose one or a few to bet on based on your financial ability. You should also understand that betting companies are different when it comes to rewarding winners. Check on the highlights and daily matches offered by each betting site. These highlights are normally found on the homepage of the company’s website.

2. Choose at Least 10 Easy to Win Matches that Interest you based on Statistics

After exploring what the betting companies have on offer for the day, you should compile a list based on easy to predict matches. Identifying easy to predict matches also known as “easy pick” is based on stats available for each team. It is important to analyze each of the matches or teams before adding to your list. Be careful not to be confused by the “odds”, you should do an in-depth research of the teams. Easy picks are those matches whose odds are extreme, in other words they are far from each other. If you are using Sportpesa for example to place your bet, an easy pick would be something like: win = 2.1, draws = 3.2 and lose = 6.4. In this example the winning and losing odds are more than 4 points from each other. But if the winning and losing odds were too close to each other for example 2.1 and 2.5, it would be more difficult to predict accurately the team that will win.

3. Choose the Match that you want to Bet on

Football Prediction Tips

Football Prediction Tips

Once you have successfully built your list of easy picks, you can now decide on how many single bets you want to place. You can choose one or more matches to bet on. Remember in single bets you can still bet on more than one game but bets are placed individually. When you have decided on which site or company you want to use to place your bet, you can deposit the money to your account using a method recommended by the betting company. Most sport betting companies in Kenya allow you to deposit money in your account using your mobile phone. You can either use Mpesa, Airtel money or Orange money account depending on what you have. There are no restrictions on which teams to bet on. You can choose local or international football games that are going on the day you want to bet.

4. Place your Bet wisely

Now you should be ready to finalize your football prediction of the day. By this time you should have a final list of the matches you want to be on. If you planning to bet using different sites, then you should have deposited enough money in each of the accounts you are planning to use. It is advisable to split the money you are planning to use for your football prediction and bet on more than one match. Remember the common saying that “You should not put all your eggs in one basket”. The same applies to football prediction, anything can happen and you may end up losing all your money.  Diversifying your bets will put you on a safer side. Diversification should also include betting using different football betting sites as opposed to one. Even on a bad day, you will never lose all your predictions if you diversify well.

These are just a few of the football prediction tips that may change the outcome of your betting if you follow wisely. Jackpot bets are different from single daily bets discussed in this article. You can check on the related articles to find out how to play a profitable jackpot bet. You can also check out the new complete football betting guide for everything you want to know on profitable football betting. Read more articles on football prediction tips on this site to learn more on sport betting and winning easily.

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