10 Sportpesa Betting Tips for Successful Football Predictions

Sportpesa betting has become the order of the day in the lives of many soccer fans in Kenya. This trend has taken many people by surprise but not to football lovers. Sport betting has been around in many countries of the World for hundreds of years but is still a new phenomenon in Africa. Bookmaker designers have developed very sophisticated systems that can allow people to place bets online. Sportpesa betting system is a good example of online betting system.

So how do you venture into football betting in Sportpesa?

Football Betting Guide

Football Betting Guide

Though this may appear to be a simple question to experience bettors, it is a question I often get asked. I could easily give you a straight forward answer and say just login to your Sportpesa betting system and place a bet…. but it is not that simple. That is why I have put together the following 10 tips on how to use Sportpesa betting system in your football prediction. The same tips can also apply to any bookmaker system.

Tip 1: You must be Sober in Mind when Betting

Sportpesa betting like any other betting is a game as well a business depending on how you look at it. However regardless of which way you take it, betting requires money. Nobody in their right mind likes losing money.  That is why you should be in your right mind before you place a bet. I don’t mean sober from drinking though it will help if you are, but sober from anything else that can distract you. If you want to place a winning bet you must take it seriously.  Stay away from any distraction that can mess up your mind. Winning needs a sound mind!

Tip 2: Take time to Research and Analyze Real Football data

Some people think football betting is guesswork but that is far from the truth. You need to take time and do your homework especially on the teams that you want to bet on. There are always odds provided by the bookmaker but these odds are not always true. Remember odds are generated by the football betting system such as Sportpesa. Betting systems are designed to make profit not lose money just like the Casinos. Doing your homework on the teams you want to bet on will separate you from everyone else. There is enough data on any team of your choice that can help you in your football prediction. There are helpful websites such as Predictz that can help you with analysis.

Tip 3: Successful Bettors are not Football Fans but Entrepreneurs

Sportpesa Betting Tips

Sportpesa Betting Online System

As mentioned earlier betting can be a game or business! If you are venturing into sport betting to make money you must be a business minded person. I’m not saying you should not enjoy watching your favorite football team. But rather do so knowing that your team may not be the winner in every match as much as you want it to win. Remove emotional attachment to your team and bet according to the homework and data analysis that you did. Most people who go into football betting as football fans risk losing money….. Why, because of emotional attachment. As a human being who loves football, it is hard to admit that your favorite team will lose. Fans can even destroy valuable property because their team has lost! Fans can easily lose control of themselves and do things they would regret the following day. Entrepreneurs look at the business opportunity in football betting industry. They worry about how to win the next Sportpesa Jackpot not why their favorite team lost a match. Choose one; you cannot have it both ways.

Tip 4: Other Football Fans can become Traps

As I mentioned earlier fans are always emotional people. There is nothing wrong with being a staunch football fan for a particular team. However you should be conscious of the fact that fans are very influential people. I’m not just referring to football fans but rather any other fans for instance music fans. When you are in the midst of other fans, chances are that you will follow what they say or do. Remember I said fans especially in football lose control of themselves. Therefore they can sway you away from placing your winning bet(s). They can become your biggest betting trap and convince you to bet otherwise. You can lose your Jackpot bet because of your football buddies. I hear this over and over every Monday when Sportpesa Jackpot results are out….. “If it was not for my friend so and so I would have won the Jackpot…….”

Tip 5: Make your Football Prediction and Stick with it

Now I think this has happened to you….. You are asked to answer a question that you are not sure of and you are given choices. Your first instinct points you to one option…… which is the right one in most cases. However your mind plays tricks on you and you end up changing your choice only to realize later that your instinct was right. It happens quite often in football betting as well. You make a prediction and somewhere along the way you decide to change. Then as soon as the last whistle goes off you realize you have lost all your money because your mind or friend convinced you to change. Once you have placed a bet, stick with it to the end. Just trust your instinct and football data analysis.

Tip 6: Home Ground has added Advantage

If you really love football or soccer, you must have heard this before. Playing at home gives you an edge over the visiting team for many reasons such as:

  • The home players are familiar with their field because that is where they spend most of their time. They train and play there day-in day-out.
  • There are normally more fans present in the field supporting the home team. Unless the visiting team is from the same town/city as the home team, home team will always have more fans in attendance. There is nothing as thrilling and inspiring than a highly charged crowd in a football stadium supporting a home team.
  • Home team doesn’t have to travel far like the visiting team. Travel can be tiresome and time consuming.
  • In some cases traveling to a new place may require players to eat food that they may not be familiar with.

Though home ground advantage is significant, it is important to pay attention to the following factors that may favor visiting team:

  • If the visiting team is ranked way higher than home team, playing at home may not help much
  • If some major players from home team are absent from the field, home ground advantage may not help. This is true especially if both teams had almost equal odds of winning with all the major players present in action.
  • When the home team is just having a bad day in the field…… and this happens sometimes.

Tips 7: A Winning Team Today may be a Losing Team Tomorrow

If you have been a football fan for long like me, you must have seen several favorite teams losing and unexpected teams winning. In sport betting whether in Sportpesa betting or any other online betting system there are no guarantee winners or losers. If that was the case then winners would remain winners forever and losers would be losers forever. In football there are many factors that can make a team to win or lose a particular match. These factors may include but not limited to:

  • Injured player(s) in the favorite team may give a weaker team an edge over the favorite team
  • Poor strategy used by the stronger team may work against the favorite team
  • Traveling long distance to the venue of the match can have a negative effect on the players even if the team is the favorite
  • Playing too many matches over a short period of time can cause fatigue even for stronger teams
  • Committing an offense that sends a strong player out of the field through red card

Tip 8: Money Lost in Sportpesa Betting is gone

Football betting like any other betting game is a gamble. In other words there are no guarantees of winning.  However given careful planning before betting you can increase your chances of Sportpesa Jackpot. Since bookmakers systems such as the one used by Sportpesa betting site are designed to make profit very few betters win. Thousands if not millions of people lose money in their Sportpesa football predictions every day. Therefore when you place a bet and lose, it is advisable to plan for the next prediction instead of dwelling on the past. Football betting is a gamble and should be taken as so. Sometimes you will win and other times you will lose. You should also plan well so that you can win more times than the times you lose.

Tip 9: A Winner in Sportpesa Betting is known after the last Whistle

Have you ever heard the famous saying that it’s not over until it’s over? It’s very true in football. You have watched a match where a team is ahead by two goals at the 89th minute but within the last minute it becomes a draw. Early lead in football does not always mean a win. Football prediction calls for a lot of patience. Place a bet and wait until the last whistle has been blown before counting the money.

Tip 10: Budget your money wisely

Sportpesa betting can be fun if you are winning most of your football predictions. The opposite is also true; you can spend a lot of money and have nothing to show in return. Sportpesa betting like any other gambling game is addictive. Once you begin to bet you don’t want to stop. In fact most people have admitted using money that was meant for other things to bet only to lose everything. There is nothing wrong with betting, you should just budget for your money wisely. Sportpesa betting has changed the lives of many people in different ways in Kenya. Some have become millionaires from almost nothing while others have lost a fortune in football predictions.

These 10 tips are not by any means the only tips in Sportpesa betting that can help you succeed. There are several other articles on Sportpesa football betting tips site that can help you understand sport betting.